What Our Graduates Say

“The six-month bootcamp offered excellent content delivered with passion and a genuine desire to make the knowledge useful for all students. The instructors at CyberTech Academy consistently went above and beyond to ensure everyone grasped the topics. I cherished the opportunity to delve into something I thought was beyond my abilities. Now, I'm a SOC Analyst at a global Fortune 500 firm in record time, despite lacking an IT background. CyberTech Academy truly excels in their domain!”

Sumeyra Y.

SOC Analyst

“Before the course, I was lost without much IT knowledge, feeling desperate. After the info session, I gained confidence and saw a path to a Cybersecurity career. My instructor and mentor supported me around the clock, leading to substantial progress and self-reinvention. The curriculum greatly enhanced my grasp of Cyberspace, fueling my strides in Cybersecurity. The course's rich content and quality were exceptional, thanks to the CyberTech Academy team.”

Cihangir A.

SOC Analyst

“From zero IT skills to landing a cybersecurity job, I'm thrilled I chose CyberTech Academy' training. The structured program provided hands-on experience, boosting my confidence. Instructors shared industry insights, making my transition smooth. Highly recommend CyberTech Academy to anyone entering cybersecurity.”

Yagmur K.

Insider Threat Analyst

“CyberTech Academy provides an exceptional pathway to cybersecurity understanding, blending theory and hands-on experience seamlessly. Beyond my expectations, I gained knowledge, practical skills, certifications, and landed a job in a global software company. A dream-fulfilling journey of success and perseverance.”

Nelli A.

Security Analysis Advisor

“My CyberTech Academy experience was wonderful. Transitioning to a cybersecurity career through their self-paced program equipped me with skills and certifications efficiently. The hands-on learning, diverse content, and supportive environment create well-rounded cybersecurity professionals. A unique opportunity for career changers.”

Nihal K.

Security Analyst

“My passion for cybersecurity turned into a rewarding career, thanks to CyberTech Academy. The program's comprehensive knowledge, hands-on experience, and practical approach prepared me for success. With their expert instructors and career support, I landed a cybersecurity analyst role, transforming my journey and making a real impact in the field.”

Gulsah Y.

Cybersecurity Analyst

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